The Pursuit

Team KGF, now re-launched as Team HUUB Wattbike, started with four ambitious Derby-based riders’ desire to compete on the world stage. “When we established Team KGF I don’t think it was ever an aim to get to a major championship” said Dan Bigham. “The aim as a group of four mates was just to ride together and be as good as we could.”


Filmmaker James Poole, followed the team for a year, documenting their debut season which shook up the track cycling world.


“We beat the Great Britain senior academy team in the final and broke the competition record with a time that would have placed us eighth in the Olympics,” Bigham continues. “Even the Great Britain coaches didn’t have a clue who we were, where we’d come from, or how we’d done it. And it was all from four weeks of training. What if we’d had four months?”


With a string of medals to their name, the innovative British UCI track cycling team HUUB Wattbike are currently among the fastest in the world, after using their hunger and disruptive mindset to challenge the status quo at every level – from training to tactics, attitude to equipment, socks to skinsuits – to deliver much more than marginal gains.

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