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Content Creators

Beautiful, HD streaming videos

We are looking to bring our viewers the best and latest endurance sports content from around the globe, all available to watch anytime, anywhere. If you are a content creator, a rights holder or just have a great idea - get in touch we want to work with you! 

Monetise your content

We operate a Revenue Sharing Scheme through the Pay Per View and Subscription models. Using our content analytics we are able to see precise details in relation to every product, including regions watched, minutes viewed and many more. From this we determine revenue payable by video.


We are worldwide

With endurance sports TV, you reach a global audience. We are able to geoblock, so if you want to target a specific region or country with your content we can help. 


Yes we want exclusive content but we want to be as flexible as possible with content creators. You are not locked into working with us and are always free to explore additional outlets. 


Digital rights management 

Copyright ownership is a hot topic online, we offer full digital rights management and are proactive in protecting your valuable content. 


Our goal is to get your content valued and watched so every piece of content is assigned a marketing plan to not only promote on the channel to current viewers but to encourage new viewers to the site. 

Talk to us/Submit Your Content

Talk to us! We want to see your programmes/chat through your ideas. Please get in touch with us via email at hello@endurancesports.tv or via the website contact form HERE.


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